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Vive Les Toilettes Pour Femmes

Posted By: ENTS STORE | Posted Date: Monday, January 29, 2024

Vive Les Toilettes Pour Femmes

Vive la révolution pour les toilettes pour femmes


It all started when Nathalie des Isnards went to a festival with some friends. In between 2 shows they all decided to go to the toilets. It only took her male friends 2 minutes to queue and go to the toilets while she waited so long the show had already started.


madamePee's mission is to design elegant, equal, and innovative female urinals and male urinals for event and urban spaces. Fast, intimate, hygienic, and waterless, madamePee is revolutionizing public restroom facilities.

This incident was particularly striking as Nathalie waited over 30 minutes when men were over in minutes! Her frustration led her to research about the situation, and she realised the lack of urinals for women were slowing things down for everybody.



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