by Paul Hanna 18 Oct, 2017
Looking to inspire the Scandinavian contingent at the Berlin Iaapa 2017 Supersumo Ltd introduced the Viking versus Gladiator game complete with suits, helmets, shields and a choice of weapons.

The Gladiator v Viking Game compliments the Superheroes which Supersumo Ltd have been manufacturing for over 10 years. These are alongside the new 2018 Supersumo sumo suit design which is lighter and incorporates a revolutionary new belt design for strength and function.
by Paul Hanna 18 Oct, 2017
You haven't seen anything quite like this. Well I hadn't until on the next stand at the Berlin IAAPA I was blown away by this seriously addictive mash up between programmable gaming and physical climbing routes.

Imagine playing pinball as the players in a bright, noisy and thoroughly exciting  physical game where burning the calories becomes addictive as surfing the gaming world. An experienced climber can also set a route highlighted for a player to practice.

This product is going to fly with video capture for great play memories and location mapping for team games and global play. 10/10
by Paul Hanna 25 Sep, 2016
Using 3d scanning technology the figurine, in any character, can have their face personalised to the guest or customer.  An instant photo can be produced which can be sold or act as a receipt with the figurine to follow in the post or, where scanning is in advance, actually at the event or venue itself.
by Paul Hanna 22 Aug, 2016
The rapid growth in trampoline parks within the UK is staggering.  With a  new park opening weekly throughout the UK this exercise based phenomena is taking the fitness entertainments industry by storm.  Add to that the silver medal won by Bryony Page in the Rio Olympic games and the future for this indoor activity looks flipping hot!  ... more
by Paul Hanna 10 Aug, 2016
The new attraction that is causing a swell in Rutland is the Aqua Park that defies all but the worst of the British summer.

 Already  visited by celebrities and water fun fans it has created quite a swell of activity appearing on the BBC News and local newspapers.

Check out the park at
by Paul Hanna 08 Aug, 2016
You can join straight from school and work your way up into a high level of management. 
You can travel around your country and internationally.
You can specialise in many fields from security to safety to .. stand up comedy!
You can be the Next Big Thing in many forms of performance and entertainment  .. and find your 'X' factor!
5   You can keep active as well as fly the desk. Many Leisure company posts involve a broad mix of occupations .. so be prepared.
6   You can work at some of the finest venues in the world and most famous attractions.
You can work with some of the most professional and dedicated employees around .. remember the show must go on!
8   You can enjoy the holidays and benefits of other industries .. maybe not so often on bank holidays!
9   You can gain great experience in this wonderful industry both part-time and full time .. and come back when you want.
10   You can work in an industry that is there to make people happy .. and at the same time make you happy too.
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